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CCCM - Guillelmi de Conchis Opera omnia

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An edition of the complete works of William of Conches was launched in 1988 by the late Abbot Dom Eligius Dekkers osb, founder of Corpus Christianorum. Dom Dekkers entrusted Édouard Jeauneau with the care of that edition. The role of Édouard Jeauneau, as director of the project, has been to find editors for each of the various works of William and to ensure that a certain harmony of style is observed. A summary of his efforts may be found in the recent edition of the Glosae super Platonem (CCCM 203, pp. X-XV).

The first volume published:1997
Number of volumes published:3 (September 2016)
Publication frequency:Irregular
Editorial responsibility:Édouard Jeauneau
Publishing manager:Bart Janssens

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