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CCCM - Hermes Latinus: Opera omnia

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Composed in the Hellenic era, an expression of Greco-Egyptian syncretism, the hermetic writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistos and his epigones exercised, since their appearance, a particular attraction on the Greek and Latin Fathers.

The collection Hermes Latinus is intended to furnish the tools and the editions for the study of the Hermetic tradition between Late Antiquity and the Renaissance.

The first volume published:1994
Number of volumes published:4 (September 2016)
Publication frequency:Irregular
Editorial responsibility:Prof. dr. Paolo Lucentini (†)
Publishing manager:Paolo Sartori

Corpus Christianorum 1953-2003: Xenium natalicium, J. Leemans, L. Jocqué (eds.)
ISBN 978-2-503-51481-9

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