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CCCM - Ioannis Rusbrochii Opera omnia

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There have been two editions of Ruusbroec's works so far: one by J.-B. David (1858-1868) and one by the Ruusbroecgenootschap (1932-1934). Neither of these editions meets modern standards. Therefore a new critical edition was urgently needed.
The Middle Dutch text is based on a critical study of all manuscripts. Besides the Middle Dutch text the edition contains a new American-English translation and the Latin translation by L. Surius O.Carth. (1552).
The edition of the Middle Dutch text is critically reconstructive. The text is accompanied by a variant apparatus, paleographic annotations, a text critical commentary and a lemmatized vocabulary with localizations.

The first volume published:1988
Number of volumes published:13 (September 2016)
Publication frequency:Completed
Editorial responsibility:Ruusbroecgenootschap (Antwerp)
Editorial manager:Luc Jocqué

Corpus Christianorum 1953-2003: Xenium natalicium, J. Leemans, L. Jocqué (eds.)
ISBN 978-2-503-51481-9

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