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CCCM - Raimundi Lulli Opera Latina (ROL)

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Critical edition of the Latin works of the Catalan lay theologian and mystic Raimundus Lullus (1232/33?-1315/16?). The edition is expected to run to approximately 55 volumes.

Although Llull originally wrote much of his work in Catalan, most of it has been handed down in contemporary translations - sometimes encouraged by Llull himself. This edition relies primarily on the Latin tradition, which exists in handwritten and early printed forms; however, it also takes into account versions in other languages (Catalan, Old French, Old Spanish, and so on). Because the historic Editio Moguntina of Llull's works (Mainz, 1721-1742) focused primarily on the extensive early works in their Latin versions, this edition begins with the later works (which are less extensive and, for the most part, unedited), thereby providing a first edition. This edition will also include works that have already appeared in the Editio Moguntina; in these cases, it will provide a first critical edition.

The first volume published:1975 (a separate set of 5 volumes were published at Palma de Mallorca, 1959-1967)
Number of volumes published:39 (September 2016)
Publication frequency:one volume per year
Editorial responsibility:Raimundus-Lullus-Institut (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)
Publishing manager:Bart Janssens

Corpus Christianorum 1953-2003: Xenium natalicium, J. Leemans, L. Jocqué (eds.)
ISBN 978-2-503-51481-9

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