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CCSL - Series Latina

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This series comprises critical editions of all the Latin texts from the first eight centuries of the Christian era. Taking account of the most recent patristic research and studies, each critical edition is provided with full critical and source apparatus and preceded by an introduction, the most important part of which is the description of the manuscript tradition.

The first volume published:1953 (CCSL 103-104)
Number of volumes published:214 (September 2018)
Publication frequency:2 to 3 volumes per year
Editorial responsibility:Academic Board of Corpus Christianorum
Publishing manager:Luc Jocqué, Bart Janssens, Tim Denecker

Corpus Christianorum 1953-2003: Xenium natalicium, J. Leemans, L. Jocqué (eds.)
ISBN 978-2-503-51481-9

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