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TPLILA - Instrumenta Lexicologica Latina - Series A: Formae

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Since 1982 many volumes in the Corpus Christianorum Series Latina and Continuatio Mediaevalis have been accompanied by an Instrumenta volume, offering the necessary linguistic complement to the corresponding edition. Part of the information is printed while the other part is on microfiche. Series A (Formae) volumes contain an Enumeratio formarum (i.e. a printed list of all the word-forms together with the frequency of their occurrence), a Concordantia formarum (i.e. a microfiche edition of a complete concordance of all the forms), and an Index formarum a tergo ordinatarum. The Instrumenta Lexicologica Latina are part of the Thesaurus Patrum Latinorum, which has been compiled by means of systematic computer processing of the writings of the Latin Fathers of the Church and the works of the Middle Ages.

The first volume published: 1982
Number of volumes published: 146 (February 2010)
Publication frequency: Completed
Editorial responsibility: Centre " Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium " (CTLO)
Publications prior to October 2001 involved the activities of Cetedoc (U.C.L.)
Publishing manager: Bart Janssens

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