CCSG 66 - Florilegium Coislinianum A

First critical edition of the first and longest book of the important Byzantine anthology, Florilegium Coislinianum. The Florilegium Coislinianum is a Byzantine anthology dating to the ninth or tenth century. It deals with subjects ranging from the creation of angels to sin and virtues. Although it is an important document, it has only recently received due attention from the scholarly community. The present edition is the editio princeps of the first book of the Florilegium Coislinianum. It is part of a much larger collaborative project, in the framework of which a research team, based at KU Leuven, is currently studying and editing various sections of this florilegium. The critical text pr

NEW Scholars Version volumes

To celebrate our 65th anniversary we made some of the most significant texts from our regular series available in the handy Scholars Version: six new titles by Augustine, Cassiodore, Guillaume Durand, Ramon Llull and Maximus the Confessor in eight new blue covers. For those of you who want their favourite texts on their desk, because reading should not have to stop when the library closes. #ScholarsVersion #Augustine #Cassiodore #RamonLlull #GuillaumeDurand #MaximusConfessor

Music around the year 1000

CCAMA 7 - J. Grier, Ademarus Cabannensis musicus et cantor A fundamental study of the autograph musical notations left by Adémar de Chabannes (989-1034) in four different manuscripts. Author of the study is James Grier, whose critical edition of the music copied in Adémar's hand appeared in 2012 as volume 245A of the Corpus Christianorum. Continuatio Mediaeualis. #AdemarusCabannensis #Music #Autographs

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