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Gilbert of Poitiers on the Pauline Epistles

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

In more than 300 pages Karlfried Froehlich provides an introduction to Gilbert of Poitiers' Commentary on the Pauline Epistles, followed by a transcription of that same text on the bases of MS Zwettl 58.

Gilbertus Pictaviensis / Gilbert de la Porrée / Gilbertus Porretanus was one of the most highly respected philosophical and theological scholars of the 12th century and his Pauline commentary, written as a continuous narrative, is unusual for its time and quite innovative.

Through this online publication, scholars will have the complete text of Gilbert’s Commentary on the Pauline Epistles at their disposal, and with it a new incentive to explore more deeply the fascinating world of medieval biblical interpretation during its great formative period in the twelfth century. While a critical edition is still awaiting its own time, we are confident that this text will be useful and fill a real lacuna in the field of medieval scholarship.

You can either read the text in the reader below (expand to full screen for readability), download it by clicking the icon in the top left of said reader or download it from the CCCM page of this website.

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