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This three-volume ground-breaking and comprehensive bibliography of Irish texts and manuscripts is the first study of its kind to describe the entire historical and literary output of Irish writers, at home and abroad, throughout the middle ages (4th to 17th centuries). It surveys writers in Latin and the vernaculars, ranging through biblica, liturgica, computistica, hagiographica and grammatica, as well as all the genres of Irish and the other vernacular writings of Ireland
The focus is on both individual manuscripts and textual transmission. In the case of manuscripts it succinctly lists all the salient information (origin, provenance and date, foliation, pagination and dimensions), accompanied by a detailed chronologically arranged bibliography for every codex. For individual texts it lists the manuscripts in which they occur, or, when relevant, where such a list can be found, together with a comprehensive bibliography of relevant publications. For both manucripts and texts, there are running cross-references to the standard works of reference. The Index Manuscriptorum is the most comprehensive of its type ever provided for this subject. Moreover, the chapters on manuscripts and texts written in Irish provide the first full treatment of several areas, including annals, genealogies, vernacular law, early poetry, bardic poetry and metrics.

  • First volume: June 2017

  • Number of volumes: 3 (most recent volume: 2017)

  • Publication frequency: n.a.

  • Editorial responsibility: Donnchadh Ó Corráin (†)

  • Publishing manager: Bart Janssens

‖ Clauis Litterarum Hibernensium: Medieval Irish Books & Texts (c. 400 - c. 1600) ‖


Table of Contents

Preface – Abbreviations – Bibliography, Catalogues & Guides


1.       Epigraphy, Writing, Form and Image

2.       Early Codices in Ireland and Britain

3.       Biblica



Apocryphal & Eschatological Varia

Homiletics & Catechetics

4.       Patristica: Irish Texts and Manuscripts

5.       Hagiography, Hagiology, Hymnology & Liturgy

Vernacular Hagiography




6.       Irish Books and Authors Abroad I: Columbanus, Luxeuil, and Bobbio

7.       Irish Books and Authors Abroad II: Echternach, Fulda, St Gall, Würzburg

8.       Irish Scholars Abroad III: Works & Manuscripts

Cellán, Joseph Scottus, Catulfus


Dícuil the Geographer (c. 760–post 825)

Anonymi & Varii

Sedulius Scottus (fl. 840-860)

Johannes Scottus Eriugena

Other Irish Scholar-Peregrini & their Books

Carmina of Colmán, Donatus, Dub Dúin, Electus

Anonymi Hibernici

Miscellaneous Texts, tenth to twelfth centuries

9.       Irish Scholars and Greek in the West

10.    Latin Grammatical Tracts

11.    Computus

12.    Hiberno-Latin Writers and Texts

Early Medieval Anonymous Latin Texts

13.    Penitentials

14.    Canon Law

15.    Synodal Legislation & Monastic Rules

Synods, Canons, Sabbatarianism

Monastic Rules

16.    Irish Latin Manuscripts, Principally Tenth to Twelfth Centuries


Gospels & Missals

17.    Tenth to Twelfth-Century Latin Texts and Authors

Scholarly Works & Class Books

18.    The Vernacular Laws

19.    Annals

Later, mainly Anglo-Irish, Annals & Chronicles

20.    Genealogies

21.    Early Irish Manuscripts: Glosses and Texts

22.    Major Vernacular Codices, Literary and Historical

23.    Earliest Vernacular Literary Texts

24.    The Poet-Scholars I: Early-Medieval Grammatical Theory, Poetics, Poetry & Piety

Poetics & Lyric Poetry

Select Religious Verse & Litanies

25.    The Poet-Scholars II: Learning, Wisdom & Prophecy

Glossaries & Reference

Wisdom Texts

Prophecy and Eschatology

26.    The Poet-Scholars III: Irish Classical Poetry

Grammatical & Syntactical Texts

Irish Classical Poetry


27.    Medieval Vernacular Narrative Prose

Clerical Anecdota

28.    Historicist & Historical Vernacular Texts – Verse, Prose and Prosimetrum

1.       Uí Néill & Airgialla

2.       Origin Legends

3.       Topographical Lore

4.       Rights and Tributes

5.       Historical and Historicist Poets

6.       Poems on Leinster

7.       Munster Texts on Éoganacht and Dál Cais

8.       Connachta

9.       Kings and Vikings

10.    Irish Historia Britonum

11.    Church Histories

29.    Classica

30.    Foreign Medieval Literature – Translations and Adaptations

Select Religious Texts

31.    Medicine and Science

32.    Books mainly of the Anglo-Irish

Latin Martyrologies, Service Books, & Texts

Religious Texts

Canon Law & Heresy

Historical Works

Old-French Texts

English Texts

Index (Manuscripts; Texts, Auhors & Scribes; Initia) - Concordances

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