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The mission of Corpus Christianorum is to produce critical editions of texts by Christian authors from Late Antiquity till the end of the Middle Ages, with the expectation that they will serve as reference-works of first resort for scholars worldwide.

The core task of this long-standing project, namely the edition of primarily Latin and Greek texts, is supplemented by the production of ancillary handbooks, bibliographies, monographic studies and electronic databases to help study all aspects related to these texts. The development of this toolset is set to gather pace in the future and will increasingly involve the creation of online databases and electronic tools of the highest calibre.

The works published in Corpus Christianorum are essential to anybody who aims to gain a profound understanding of the texts themselves, their authors and milieu, the language of the texts, and the religious or historical content and impact of these works. Corpus Christianorum is therefore an absolute requirement for all serious theologians, particularly patristic and Biblical scholars, philologists and literary specialists, classicists and scholars of Latin, Greek and oriental languages, philosophers, scholars of canon law, and historians, particularly of the Western and Eastern Churches, indeed anyone inspired by the world of these early Christian writers.

Each series is directed by a specialist academic board which oversees the development of the series and helps to safeguard the quality and good name of the various publications.

Of course, the most important partners in the process are those numerous editors and authors worldwide who continue to contribute their time and skills to this great project.

The best tribute to everybody involved in Corpus Christianorum can be found in the fact that scholars and others working in this field use these publications over and over again with such a high level of satisfaction and pleasure.

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