In the autumn of 2009 Brepols Publishers started a new series with the name Corpus Christianorum in Translation (CCT). The series aims at making the voluminous body of Greek and Latin patristic and medieval texts that have appeared in the Corpus Christianorum series since its commencement in 1953 available to interested readers and scholars who are not necessarily familiar with the source languages.

CCT comprises translations of texts edited in the collections
Series Latina, Series Graeca and Continuatio Mediaevalis. The target languages are English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Primarily intended to make the texts edited in Corpus Christianorum accessible to those who do not have the opportunity to read them in the original language, the translations can also serve as a tool for quick reference and as an aid in interpreting the Greek or Latin text for those familiar with the source language. For these users, a link with the primary edition is established by means of a reference system within the translated text.

However, the translations can also be used as a tool for research by themselves. The translations attempt to reflect the content of the Greek and Latin originals as closely as possible.

Each volume is equipped with an introduction explaining the context, content, and historical meaning of the work in question. An overview of critical debates about the source text is also provided, as well as any new insights that might have arisen since the corresponding critical edition was published.

Furthermore, translation volumes are furnished with a bibliography, concise annotation, and in some instances a commentary on the text.

In many cases, the translation is prepared by the original editor of the text, and all translations offered are subjected to a professional peer review. For translations from Greek, this is done in collaboration with the Institute for Early Christian and Byzantine Studies at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

The translations appear as
paperbacks and as ebooks

  • First volume: 2010

  • Number of volumes published: 35 (most recent volume: October 2020)

  • Publication frequency: 3 to 6 volumes per year

  • Editorial responsibility:

    • P. Van Deun – Institute for Early Christian and Byzantine Studies – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (translations of Greek Patristic and Medieval texts)

    • J. Carlos Martín – Universidad de Salamanca (Spanish translations of Latin Patristic and Medieval texts)

    • Cl. Moreschini – Università degli studi di Pisa (Italian translations of Latin Patristic texts)

    • P. Chiesa & R. Guglielmetti – Università degli studi di Milano (Italian translations of Latin Medieval texts)

    • T. O'Loughlin – University of Nottingham (English translations of Latin Patristic Texts)

  • Publishing manager: Loes Diercken

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