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Commission for the Edition of the Writings of Jan Hus

Then and now

The critical edition of the Latin works of Jan Hus was published between 1959 and 1988 in Prague, by the ‘Academia’ publishing house of the Czech Academy of Sciences. In 2004 the responsible Commission entered into an agreement with Brepols Publishers to include the series Magistri Iohannis Hus Opera omnia in the Continuatio Mediaevalis of Corpus Christianorum. The volumes in this series are designated with a series number in CCCM, but also retain their earlier volume number from the edition of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
This undertaking serves a double purpose: to continue the critical edition of Hus’ Latin works and to reissue previously published but currently unavailable editions.
From the first category, the edition of the Questiones, part XIXA of the Opera omnia, volume 205 in CCCM, was published in 2004. Into the second category belongs the 2006 reissue of the Quodlibet, part XX of the Opera omnia, volume 211 in CCCM. Further editions are being prepared.

The Board

Members of the Commission:
Helena Krmičková (Chairperson)

Jan Kalivoda (Secretary)

Petra Mutlová

Jana Nechutová

Gabriel Silagi

Zuzana Silagiová
František Šmahel
Pavel Soukup
Libor Švanda
Jana Zachová
Blanka Zilynská

Publishing Manager:
Bart Janssens

Contact Address:
The Centre for Medieval Studies
at Charles University and the Academy
of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Jilská 1
CZ - 110 00 Praha

Tel. (+420) 222 222 146
Fax (+420) 222 220 726

Series and Subseries

Medieval Latin Series

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