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The Clauis Patristica Pseudepigraphorum Medii Aeui presents all the Latin pseudepigraphical texts which during the Middle Ages circulated under the name of patristic authors. Besides the incipit and explicit of each text, information on the most important editions has been gathered. The catalogue also tries to identify the real names of the authors and gives references to all studies which involve a particular text.

  • First volume: 1990

  • Number of volumes published: 5 (most recent volume: 2004)

  • Publication frequency: Irregular

  • Editorial responsibility: J. Machielsen (†)

  • Publishing manager: Julian Yolles

‖ Clauis Patristica Pseudepigraphorum Medii Aeui ‖


CPPM 1a - Opera homiletica, Pars A. Praefatio. Ambrosius - Augustinus


J. Machielsen

CPPM 1b - Opera homiletica, Pars B. Beda - Zeno. Indices


J. Machielsen

CPPM 2a - Opera theologica, exegetica, ascetica, monastica, Pars A. Praefatio. Theologica. Exegetica


J. Machielsen

CPPM 2b - Opera theologica, exegetica, ascetica, monastica, Pars B. Ascetica. Monastica. Indices


J. Machielsen

CPPM 3 - Artes liberales


J. Machielsen

Tome III A centers on the artes liberales: grammatica, historia, geographia, rhetorica, dialectica, philosophia (= trivium), geometria, arithmetica, computus, astronomia, musica, medicina (= quadrivium).

Seven, eight or twelve artes ? Both their number and content, their boundaries and definition fluctuated greatly both in classical times as in the patristic and medieval period. This reflects a tension between philosophy (Plato) and literature (Socrates), between a more “liberal” and a “stricter” interpretation of Christianity, between popular and learned culture, between ars and scientia.

A concise historical survey illustrates these opposing trends.

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