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Centre "Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium"


The long-running research project Centre “Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium” (CTLO) is a human sciences computer laboratory for the study of Latin texts. This Centre continues former activities in the field of Latin studies of Cetedoc, and was one of the first research centres worldwide to introduce computer-aided research in the humanities and more particularly in the field of Latin literature.

Cetedoc was founded by the Université catholique de Louvain at Louvain-la-Neuve and was developed jointly with the university. The Centre has built a reputation with tools for scholars worldwide. The activities of Cetedoc within the scope of Latin texts were transferred to Turnhout in 2001, where they are continued by the CTLO, under the scholarly direction of Prof. P. Tombeur and extended into other fields of expertise, e.g. Greek and Oriental and even vernacular languages.

For about 35 years, the CTLO has continuously invested in what is the largest database of Latin text and lexicographical material, applying rigorous scholarly criteria and consistency to the whole of its corpus. The information stored in its numerous databases serves editors of Latin texts and visitors to the Corpus Christianorum Library & Knowledge Centre. These records are perfectly suited for the comparison of different texts, lexicographical analysis, and so on. Because of their size and scope, the databases combine a tremendous breadth of data with the profound attention to detail that is invaluable to academics. The databases offer a vantage point for the application of digital tools in the scholarly exploration of textual data, such as the development of new technologies in linguistic engineering and in stylometrics. Intensively relying on in-house knowledge and experience, the CTLO also creates online research tools for the benefit of researchers, that are made available on the BREPOLiS platform of Brepols Publishers.

The Board


Toon Van Hal

Content Director:

Paul Tombeur

Board Members:

Mike Kestemont, Marc Laureys, Wim Verbaal, Pieter De Leemans (), Lisa Devriese

Editorial Staff:

Yannick Anné, Jeroen Lauwers, Bram Roosen

Publishing Manager:

Tim Denecker

Publications prior to October 2001 involved the activities of Cetedoc (U.C.L.)

Contact :
Begijnhof 39
B- 2300 Turnhout

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