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Poetry from the Macedonian Renaissance

In volume 100 of the Series Graeca of the Corpus Christianorum, Maria Tomadaki presents the critical edition of 236 epigrams by the tenth-century poet, soldier and monk, John Geometres.

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The book includes the critical edition of 236 iambic poems by John Geometres, one of the most creative and interesting Byzantine poets. The poems deal with a variety of subjects (e.g., Byzantine emperors, historical figures and events, saints, relics, iconographic types, theological and philosophical matters, ancient authors) and reflect the cultural and historical developments of tenth-century Byzantium.

Maria Tomadaki works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities. She studied Greek philology at the University of Crete and in 2015 received her doctorate on the iambic poems of John Geometres from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. For several years she worked as scientific collaborator at the Database of Byzantine Book Epigrams of Ghent University. Her main research interests are Byzantine poetry, textual criticism and Greek palaeography.



1. Ioannes Geometres: Life and Works 2. Iambic Poems: Content and Function 3. Metrical Analysis 4. The Manuscript tradition 5. Previous Editions 6. Principles of the Edition



Index locorum Sacrae Scripturae Index fontium et locorum parallelorum Index nominum Index uerborum notabilium

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