Guillelmi de Conchis Opera omnia

An edition of the complete works of William of Conches (Guillaume de Conches) was launched in 1988 by the late Abbot Dom Eligius Dekkers osb, founder of Corpus Christianorum. Dom Dekkers entrusted Édouard Jeauneau with the care of that edition. The role of Édouard Jeauneau, as director of the project, has been to find editors for each of the various works of William and to ensure that a certain harmony of style is observed. A summary of his efforts may be found in the edition of the Glosae super Platonem (CCCM 203, pp. X-XV).



In preparation

  • Philosophia

The edition of the Philosophia in its two redactions (Versio prior, Versio altera) is in preparation by Paul Edward Dutton (Simon Fraser University). Professor Dutton has considerably enriched the list of manuscripts containing the Philosophia: see his Étienne Gilson Lecture, The Mystery of the Missing Heresy Trial of William of Conches (Toronto, 2006).

  • Glosae super Macrobium

    • Versio breuior: The edition has been in preparation by Professor Helen Rodnite Lemay (State University of New York at Stony Brook) since November 1988: see Glosae super Platonem, ed. É. Jeauneau (CCCM 203, Turnhout, 2006), pp. XI–XII;

    • Versio longior: The edition is being prepared by Mrs Irene Caiazzo (CNRS, Paris).

  • Glosae super Priscianum: the edition may require three volumes:

    • I. Glosulae de magno Prisciano [Institutiones I–XVI]. Versio altera, ed. Édouard Jeauneau with the assistance of Andrew Hicks, Michael Elliot and Stephen Pelle;

    • II. Glosae super Prisciani Librum Constructionum [Institutiones XVII–XVIII], ed. Édouard Jeauneau with the assistance of Winston Black and Andrew Hicks;

    • III. Glosulae de magno Prisciano [Institutiones I–XVI]. Versio prior. A qualified scholar has shown interest in the project.


A complementary series, named Supplementum, has also been planned. It will contain works which, although not William of Conches’s authentic writings, echo his thought in a significant manner. The works currently planned for the complementary series include:

  • Supplementum I: Hisdosi De anima mundi (in Timaeum 34b–36d) and Anonymi Commentum in 'O qui perpetua', ed. Andrew Hicks (University of Toronto);

  • Supplementum II: Anonymi Summa Philosophiae, ed. Paul Edward Dutton (Simon Fraser University);

  • Supplementum III: Radulphi de Longo Campo Cornicula siue Summa de Philosophia, ed. Irene Caiazzo (CNRS).


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