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The series Conciliorum oecumenicorum generaliumque decreta publishes critical editions of the decrees of those church councils which are termed ‘ecumenical’, as well as those of the main ‘general’ councils whose authority is recognized by most Christian denominations, or are accorded such status within the Roman tradition.

Canonical reception, theological effect, the scholarly consensus are therefore applied as the main criteria of a work based on scientific parameters and on philological principles. However, as well as each scholar who needs definitive editions, also the theologian can trace the proper approach of his discipline and confession.

When finished, the series will consist of seven volumes, spanning almost two millennia of conciliar decrees, all of them critically edited, indexed and introduced by specialists. This unprecedented research program is conducted under the direction of Giuseppe Alberigo i.m. and Alberto Melloni.




CCCOGD I - The Oecumenical Councils, From Nicaea I to Nicaea II (325-787)

Giuseppe Alberigo (ed.)

Introduction by G. Alberigo

325     Nicaenum I, ed. G. Alberigo

381     Constantinopolitanum I, ed. A. M. Ritter

431     Ephesenum, ed. L. Abramowski

451     Chalcedonense, ed. E. Mühlenberg

553     Constantinopolitanum II, ed. P. Conte

680-1  Constantinopolitanum III, ed. H. G. Thümmel

691-2  Trullanum, ed. G. Nedungatt & S. Agrestini

787     Nicaenum II, ed. E. Lamberz & J. B. Uphus

CCCOGD II.1-2 - The General Councils of Latin Christendom

Giuseppe Alberigo † & Alberto Melloni (ed.)

869       Constantinopolitanum IV, ed. P. Gemeinhardt

879-80  Constantinopolitanum IV, ed. P. Gemeinhardt

1123     Lateranense I, ed. G. Gresser

1139     Lateranense II, ed. Th. Izbicki

1179     Lateranense III, ed. A. Larson & K. Pennington

1215     Lateranense IV, ed. A. García y García & A. Melloni

1245     Lugdunense I, ed. A. Larson & K. Pennington

1274     Lugdunense II, ed. B. Roberg

1311-2  Viennense, ed. R. Saccenti

1409     Pisanum, ed. J. Miethke

1414-8  Constantiense, ed. P. Stump

1423-4  Papiense-Senense, ed. J. Miethke

1431-49  Basiliense, ed. Stieber

1438-45  Ferrariense – Florentinum – Romanum, ed. F. Lauritzen, J. Uhlich, H. Suermann

1512-7  Lateranense V, ed. N. H. Minnich

CCCOGD III - The General Councils of the Roman Catholic Church,

From Trent to Vatican II (1545-1965)

Giuseppe Alberigo † & Alberto Melloni (ed.)

1545-63     Tridentinum, ed. K. Ganzer

1869-70     Vaticanum I, ed. G. Alberigo

1962-65     Vaticanum II, ed. A. Melloni

CCCOGD IV.1-2 - The Great Councils of the Orthodox Churches,

From Constantinople 861 to Moscow 2000

Alberto Melloni (ed.)


861          Constantinopolitanum, ed. F. Lauritzen

879-80     Constantinopolitanum, ed. P. Gemeinhardt

920          Constantinopolitanum, ed. E. Lamberz

1030        Constantinopolitanum, ed. F. Lauritzen

1082        Constantinopolitanum, ed. F. Lauritzen

1166        Constantinopolitanum, ed. R. Saccenti

1285        Constantinopolitanum, ed. M. Stavrou

1341        Constantinopolitanum, ed. F. Lauritzen

1347        Constantinopolitanum, ed. F. Lauritzen

1351        Constantinopolitanum, ed. F. Lauritzen

1484        Constantinopolitanum, ed. S. Paschalidis

1638        Constantinopolitanum, ed. N. Papaïliaki

1642        Constantinopolitanum, ed. S. Paschalidis

1672        Hierosolymitanum, ed. V. Kontouma & S. Garnier

1691        Constantinopolitanum, ed. F. Lauritzen

1755-6     Constantinopolitanum, ed. V. Kontouma

1872        Constantinopolitanum, ed. M. Stavrou


Synodicum orthodoxiae Alexii Studitae, ed. F. Lauritzen

Synodicum georgicum, ed. B. Martin-Hisard

Synodicum bulgaricum, ed. A.M. Totomanova

Synodicum serbicum, ed. T. Subotin Golubović

Synodicum russicum – K. A. Maksimovič


Introduction by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk

1551        Concilium Moscoviense – E. Emčenko

1666-7     Concilium Moscoviense – E. V. Beljakova

1917-8     Concilium Moscoviense – H. Alfeev

1948        Concilium Moscoviense – H. Alfeev

1971        Concilium Moscoviense – H. Alfeev

1988        Concilium Moscoviense – A. Mainardi

2000        Concilium Moscoviense – H. Alfeev

Indices: Index Locorum S. Scripturae – Index Fontium

CCCOGD IV.3 - The Great Councils of the Orthodox Churches,

Crete 2016

Alberto Melloni (ed.)

Introduction: The Holy and Great Council of Crete

Background and Outset

Towards Chambésy

From the Synaxis of January 2016 to the Council

The Convocation of the Council and the Final Straight

The Assembly



Concilium Cretense 2016

Indices: Index Locorum S. Scripturae – Index Fontium

CCCOGD V.1-2 - The General Councils of the Eastern Christian Churches

Alberto Melloni (ed.), in collaboration with Ephrem Ishac


628          Mar Mattai, ed. R. Kitchen

726          Manavazgerd, ed. R. Kitchen
785          Kfarnabu, ed. H. Kaufhold
794          Beth Botin, ed. H. Kaufhold
812/3       Ḥarran, ed. H. Kaufhold
817          Qalliniqos, ed. R. Kitchen
846          Mar Shila, ed. R. Kitchen
878          Mar Zakkay, ed. R. Kitchen
896          Mar Shila Serugh, ed. R. Kitchen
1304        Bar Wahib / Mar Ḥananya, ed. E. A. Ishac
1521        Ḥananya IV, ed. E. A. Ishac
1576        Mart Shmouni / Hattackh, ed. E. A. Ishac
1914        The Joint Council / Mardin, ed. M.-D. J. Kawak & E. A. Ishac
1930        Mar Mattai III / Mosul, ed. R. Kitchen & E. A. Ishac
1933-57   Ḥoms I/V, ed. K. Dinno & E. A. Ishac
1954        Ḥoms IV, ed. G. A. Kiraz & E. A. Ishac
1998-2002 Mor Ephraim / Damascus, ed. R. Kitchen & E. A. Ishac


410           Isaac, ed. M.-J. Pierre & C. Nakano

419/420    Yabalaha, ed. L. van Rompay
424           Dadishoʿ, ed. K. Smith
486           Aqaq, ed. E. Fiori
497           Babai, ed. E. A. Ishac, R. Kitchen & I. Timrs
540–544   Aba, ed. E. A. Ishac, R. Kitchen & V. Berti
554           Joseph, ed. C. Jullien
576           Ḥazqiel, ed. E. A. Ishac, R. Kitchen & I. Timrs
585           Ishoʿyahb, ed. R. Kitchen, M.-A. Royel & I. Timrs
596–598   Sabrishoʿ, ed. F. Jullien
605           Grigor, ed. E. A. Ishac, R. Kitchen & I. Timrs
612           The Synod of 612, ed. E. A. Ishac & R. Kitchen
676           Gewargis I, ed. A. Becker
678/679    The Letter of Gewargis I To Mina, ed. C.-S Popa
775           Ḥenanishoʿ II, ed. V. Berti
782           Timotheos I, ed. M. Heimgartner
1318         Timotheos II, ed. H. Teule
1970         Eshai Shimun XXIII, ed. R. Kitchen, M.-A. Royel & I. Timrs
1978         Dinkha IV, ed. R. Kitchen & I. Timrs
1999         Dinkha IV, ed. R. Kitchen & E. A. Ishac


484–496   Barṣawma, ed. E. A. Ishac & R. Kitchen

CCCOGD VI.1 - Synods of the Churches of and after the Reformation: The Dawn of the Reformation (16th-17th Centuries)


Alberto Melloni (ed.), in collaboration with Gianmarco Braghi

Tome 6.1.1

General Introduction (Alberto Melloni)

1526        Concilium Hombergense, ed. J. Schilling

1527        Concilium Iuliomagense, ed. C. Scheidegger
1528        Disputatio et Decem Theses Bernenses, ed. P. Hildebrand
1530        Concilium Augustanum, ed. K.I. Stjerna
1532        Concilium Bernense, ed. P. Hildebrand
1532        Concilium Campi Foranei (iuxta Hengroniam), ed. G. Braghi
1532        Synodus Tigurina, ed. E. Campi
1533/4     Concilium Argentoratense, ed. G. Braghi & G. Murdock
1541        Concilium Genevense, ed. G. Braghi & G. Murdock
1545, 1567, 1570      Concilia Hungarica et Transsylvanica, ed. Z. Csepregi
1550        Concilium Venetianum-Ferrariense, ed. D. Dainese
1559/1571        Concilia Lutetianum et Rupellense, ed. I. Dingel

Tome 6.1.2

1563/1571        Concilium Londinense, ed. T. Kirby

1564        Concilium Atverpianum, ed. G. Braghi & G. Murdock
1568-1571        Conventus Vesaliensis et Synodus Embdana, ed. H.P. Jürgens
1570        Concilium Sandomiriense, ed. M. Ptaszyński
1577        Concilium Saxonicum, ed. I. Dingel & J. Hund
1593        Concilium Upsaliense, ed. O. Bexell
1595        Articuli Lambethani, ed. T. Kirby
1610        Concilium Tuiscoburgense, ed. A. Mühling
1614/1615        Concilium Hibernicum, ed. T. Kirby
1616        Concilium Aberdoniense Ecclesiae Scoticanae, ed. I. Hazlett

In preparation

  • CCCOGD VI # Synods of the Churches of and after the Reformation

    • Tome 2. Ecclesia semper reformanda (17th-19th Centuries)

    • Tome 3. Alliances and Concords (19th-21st Centuries)

  • CCCOGD VII # General Index and Afterword

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