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The Clauis Patrum Latinorum (CPL) provides a survey of all the Latin authors that will be published in the Series Latina of Corpus Christianorum. It contains a list of the works, authentic and apocryphal, and of the editions published or in preparation for each author.

  • First volume: 1995 (3rd edition)

  • Number of volumes published: 1

  • Publication frequency: n.a.

  • Editorial responsibility: E. Dekkers (†)

  • Publishing manager: Julian Yolles

‖ Clauis Patrum Latinorum ‖


In the current third edition the scholar finds a list, which is as exhaustive as possible, of all the Christian Latin texts from Tertullian in the 2nd century to Bede, who died in 735. Each work, each sermon, each letter, each poem is properly identified in the 2,348 entries, many of which are further subdivided into numerous subsections: the best editions are noted, as are the means to improve them, the newly-found manscripts, the studies on the textual transmission or on the language, and so on.
An expanded body of Concordances is provided. These provide correspondences between the Clavis numbers and the numbering or pagination of seventeen collections or lists of Latin writings. The Clavis numbering is of course the basis for the publishing programme of the
Corpus Christianorum Series Latina and more recently serves as a crucial reference tool in the electronic Library of Latin Texts (CLCLT).


Clavis Clavium

an integrated reference database and collaborative platform to open up Patristic, Medieval and Byzantine texts

At present this OA-database contains the Clavis Patrum Latinorum, the Clavis Patrum Graecorum, the Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina, the Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca, the Clavis Apocryphorum Veteris Testamenti and the Clavis Apocryphorum Novi Testamenti.

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