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Apocalyptica in medieval Ireland

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

In volume 21 of the Series Apocryphorum several of the major scholars working in the field of medieval Irish apocrypha present the edition of a selection of important Irish eschatological texts: two specifically Irish compositions (Fís Adomnáin and Dá Brón Flatha Nime) and two writings that belong to the international field of apocrypha (Transitus Mariae and a form of Visio Sancti Pauli)

It is the second volume in the subseries of Apocrypha Hiberniae devoted to apocalyptic and eschatological texts. Vol. I (CCSA 16) edited the Irish apocalyptic composition In Tenga Bithnúa "The Ever-new Tongue". Vol. II, 1 will present the Irish texts on the Antichrist legend, on the signs before Doomsday, and on the Judgement scene.

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