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Clavis Clavium Browser Extension

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We are happy to inform you that Brepols has developed a free browser extension for Clavis Clavium. It allows you to access Clavis Clavium much more quickly, directly from the toolbar of your browser:

How does it work?

The application will install a small Clavis Clavium logo next to the address bar of your browser. Clicking that logo gives you two options: 1. You can select a clavis, enter a number and be directed immediately to the right entry. 2. You can click the logo and be directed to the Clavis Clavium homepage, where you will find the full range of search options.

Where to find it and how to install it?

The extension works both for Chrome and Edge (not for Firefox) and can be installed via the Chrome web store. Either search for Clavis Clavium in the Chrome web store or click here.

This short movie below is a step by step guide:

And Firefox?

For those of us who use Firefox, an interesting tip was shared on Twitter:

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