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Historiography in Late Antiquity

With the Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris Peter Van Nuffelen and Lieve Van Hoof make a major addition to the Claves - Subsidia series.

The Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris, part of the Brepols Claves - Subsidia, is an inventory of all attested works of historiography from Late Antiquity (300-800 AD), in any state of preservation. It offers full coverage of works written in Latin, Greek, Syriac, Armenian, Georgian and Coptic, while also including Jewish and Persian works. Containing information on author and work, it provides guidance on authorship, social and religious context, genre, sources, manuscript tradition, and editions and translations. A substantial introduction discusses genres in late ancient historiography, and numerous indices facilitate the use of the Clavis. In this way, the Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris will be an essential research tool for scholars working on the history of historiography, Late Antiquity and Patristics, and it will facilitate further research on the genre.

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