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LLT now searchable via ReIReSearch

We are very proud to announce the addition to ReIReSearch of an important new dataset, viz the metadata about and links to the works contained in the Library of Latin Texts (LLT).


ReIReSearch addresses the growing need of scholars in religious studies to discover more data, regardless of location, on a platform where disparate digital resources and databases are searchable in a unified and standardized way.


The Library of Latin Texts is the world’s leading database for Latin texts, bringing together works from the beginnings of Latin literature down to the present day.

The texts which are incorporated are selected from the best editions available and established according to the best contemporary scholarly practice. Great efforts are made to verify facts relating to the text, such as the reliability of the authorial attribution or the dating. In many cases, the printed text is enhanced by correcting typographical errors detected by software developed by the Centre ‘Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium’, Brepols’ in-house Digital Humanities lab ( The aim of the LLT is to offer a full-text database that continues to expand, so as to comprise Latin literature not only from the patristic and medieval periods, but also from Antiquity and the early modern and modern eras, across all genres.

The large amount of textual material integrated into the database forms the first of the two pillars on which the LLT is built, the other one being a rich pool of sophisticated functionalities and search tools.

Access to LLT via ReIReSearch

As a result of this update of ReIReSearch, not only Brepols’ Index Religiosus (IR) and Dictionnaire d’Histoire et de Géographie Ecclésiastique (DHGE), but also Brepols’ Library of Latin Texts can be accessed via the ReIReSearch environment. While you will need a subscription to the LLT to access the texts, ReIReSearch will show you the texts that are available in the LLT and the relevant metadata.

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