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Studies on Maximus the Confessor's Opuscula

Vladimir Cvetković and Alex Léonas kick off the Subsidia Maximiana, a new subseries of the Instrumenta Patristica et Mediaevalia, with a groundbreaking collection of studies on Maximus Confessor's Opuscula theologica et polemica [CPG 7697]. It is volume 89 in the Instrumenta Patristica et Mediaevalia.

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The volume is the first to focus exclusively on St Maximus’ Opuscula. Its approach is multidisciplinary, combining theological, philosophical, philological and historical perspectives.

Opuscula theologica et polemica is a collection of minor works of Maximus the Confessor that has not received much scholarly attention so far. Nevertheless, it offers a unique insight into the Christological and personological universe of the Christian thinker. The present volume is the first attempt to bring together scholars of different traditions and to apply different approaches – theological, philosophical, philological and historical – to this seminal work.


Alex Léonas & Vladimir Cvetković, Introduction Christian Boudignon, What are the Opuscula theologica and polemica? A Philological Question Bram Roosen, Maximian ἀπορίαι against the Monothelites

Bronwen Neil & Ryan Strickler, Letters of Maximus in the Collectanea of Anastasius Bibliothecarius Aleksandar Djakovac, Maximus' Relational Ontology Kevin M. Clarke, Maximus the Confessor’s Anti-Severan Polemics in the Opuscula Sebastian Mateiescu, Arguing with the Properties of Christ Romilo Aleksandar Knežević, Maximus' Opuscula and the Concept of the Hypostatic Union Miklós Vassányi, A Problem of Identity in St Maximus' Opusculum 14 Dionisios Skliris, The Ambiguity of the Gnomic Will as Basis for a Theory of Human Individuality in the Thought of Saint Maximus the Confessor

Index of Maximus Citations Index of Names Index of Theological and Philosophical Terms List of Contributors

Vladimir Cvetković is a Research Associate at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Alexis Léonas is Associate Professor at the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary.

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