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‖ Thomas de Aquino Byzantinus ‖

Scholastic thought in Late Byzantium is an area which remains largely unexplored. The influence of the writings of Thomas Aquinas (1225-74) on Byzantine intellectual circles, both Latinophile and Orthodox, has recently attracted revived interest among scholars. The project aims to contribute to the scholarly discussion by producing the source material for the study of this important subject, namely critical editions of Greek translations of, and commentaries on, various works by Thomas Aquinas composed by Byzantine scholars and theologians between the late thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. The majority of these texts remain hitherto unpublished, or partially edited, or published on the basis of a limited number of manuscripts, often lacking information on the sources cited therein. The editions of these texts will shed more light on the philosophical and theological dialogue among distinguished scholars and theologians in the Greek East and the Latin West in a period of intensive intellectual creativity. In this sense, the publication of these texts will become an indispensable tool for scholars and students of Byzantine and Western European history and thought.


CCSG 94 - Ioannes Gattus, Notata, seu Tractatus qui erat fons Libri III Operis Bessarionis In Calumniatorem Platonis adversus Georgium Trapezuntium


John Monfasani

Cardinal Bessarion's great defense of Plato, the In Calumniatorem Platonis, written in response to George of Trebizond's Comparatio Philosophorum Platonis et Aristotelis and first published in 1469, was the first substantial statement of Platonism in the Plato-Aristotle Controversy of the Renaissance. Bessarion, however, had first written the In Calumniatorem Platonis a decade earlier, in 1459, without the massive Book III of the 1469 edition proving that medieval scholasticism supported Bessarion's interpretation of Plato and Aristotle. With the discovery of the treatise Notata by the Dominican theologian Giovanni Gatti, we now know the source of Bessarion's new found erudition in medieval scholasticism. Bessarion initially attempted to incorporate Gatti's Notata whole cloth into the In Calumniatorem Platonis, but in the end he exploited it as a storehouse of the scholastic references, quotations, and arguments that made up the new Book III of the 1469 In Calumniatorem Platonis. Thus, Giovanni Gatti's treatise played a major, though anonymous role in the Plato-Aristotle controversy for the rest of the Renaissance as Bessarion's work became in its turn a much used authority and source of information.

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Vol. I: Summa contra Gentiles (R 450-600) versione Demetrii Cydonis (PLP 13876)

Vol. II: Summa theologiae (R T1450-540); versio Demetrii Cydonis (PLP 13876) ac Prochori Cydonis (PLP 13883)

Pars 1: Pars Ia versione Demetrii Cydonis

Pars 2: Pars Ia IIae versione Demetrii Cydonis

Pars 3: Pars IIa IIae versione Demetrii Cydonis

Pars 4: Pars IIIa (partim) versione Prochori Cydonis

Pars 5: Supplementum versione partiali Prochori Cydonis

Vol. III: Quaestiones

Pars 1: Quaestiones disputatae de potentia (R T1450-420); versio Prochori Cydonis (PLP 13883); versio anonyma partialis

Pars 2: Quaestio disputata de spiritualibus creaturis (R T1450-430); versio Prochori Cydonis (PLP 13883)

Vol. IV: Opuscula apologetica et polemica

Pars 1: De rationibus fidei ad cantorem Antiochenum (R T1450-640); versio Demetrii Cydonis (PLP 13876); versio Atoumis

Pars 2: De articulis fidei et Ecclesiae sacramentis (R T1450-600) versione Demetrii Cydonis; versio anonyma adhuc ignota

Pars 3: De aeternitate mundi (R T1450-550) versione Prochori Cydonis (PLP 13883)

Vol. V: Opuscula philosophica

Pars 1: De ente et essentia (T1450-560) cum Commentario Armandi de Bellovisu (R A9620-30); versio Georgii Scholarii (PLP 27304)

Pars 2: De fallaciis (dub.) (R T1450-1030) a Georgio Scholario (PLP 27304) translatum cum Compendio versionis Scholarii a Matthaeo Camariota (PLP 10776) peracto

Vol. VI: Commentaria in Aristotelem et in corpus areopagiticum

Pars 1: In Aristotelis “De Interpretatione” (R T1450-210) commentarium imperfectum cum continuatione auctoris cujusdam Scholastici hactenus ignota; versio Georgii Scholarii (PLP 27304)

Pars 2: In Aristotelis “Physicam” (R T1450-230); versio partialis Georgii Scholarii (?) (PLP 27304)

Pars 3: In Aristotelis “De anima” (R T1450-270); versio Georgii Scholarii (PLP 27304)

Pars 4: In Aristotelis “Metaphysicam” (R T1450-290). A: prooemium operis a Prochoro Cydone (PLP 13883) translatum. B: testimonia translationis totius operis a Georgio Scholario PLP 27304) peractae ac deperditae

Pars 5: In Ps.-Dionysii Areopagitae “De divinis nominibus”; versio partialis a Prochoro Cydone (PLP 13883) peracta

Vol. VII: Opuscula symbolica et liturgica

Pars 1: Collationes super “Symbolum Apostolorum” (T1450-8420) versione anonymi (PLP 3876); Confessio (sp.) versione Demetrii Cydonis (PLP 13876) vel Manuelis Calecae (PLP 10289)

Pars 2: Sermo de festo corporis Christi (R T1450-1050) versione Demetrii Cydonis (PLP 13876); Pange lingua (R T1450-960) versione anonyma

Vol. VIII: Compendia, florilegia, extracta

Pars 1: Compendia Georgii Scholarii (PLP 27304): Compendium Summae contra Genti­les; Compendium Iae Partis “Summae theologiae”; Compendium Iae Partis IIae Par­tis “Summae theologiae”; Compendium IIae Partis IIae Partis “Summae theologiae”

Pars 2: Bessarionis (PLP 2707) Compendium quaestionum 1–7 Iae IIae Summae theolo­giae

Pars 3: Anonymi Compendium quaestionum nonnullarum Iae IIae Summae theologiae

Pars 4: Florilegia duo Scholarii (PLP 27304) ex Summa contra Gentiles necnon ex Summa theologiae contracta

Pars 5: Extracta Plethonis (PLP 3630) ex Summa contra Gentiles necnon ex Summa theo­logiae

Pars 6: Hervaei Natalis Commentarium in libros Sententiarum (R H2000-10/5) partim a Prochoro Cydone (PLP 13883) translatum

Vol. IX: Bernardi Guidonis Vita S. Thomae Aquinatis (R B1740-70), cap. 53–54 versione Demetrii Cydonis (PLP 13876)






Vol. I: Nili Cabasilae De processione Spiritus sancti, Pars III: Quod impossibile est Latinos syllogismis utentes Spiritum sanctum ex Filio procedere demonstrare

Vol. II: Demetrii Cydonis (PLP 13876) Defensio Sancti Thomae Aquinatis adversus Nilum Cabasilam 

Vol. III: Demetrii Chrysolorae (PLP 31156) Refutatio operis Demetrii Cydonis “Adversus Nilum Cabasilam” sub forma dialogi, in quo auctor ipse cum personis Demetrii Cydonis, Nili Cabasilae et Thomae Aquinatis loquitur


Vol. IV: Prochori Cydonis (PLP 13883) Quaestio de essentia et operatione 


Vol. V: Demetrii Cydonis (PLP 13876) De personarum proprietatibus in Trinitate, ad Con­stantinum Asanem


Vol. VI: Matthaei Angeli Panareti (PLP 21649) Contra Thomae, auctoris Latini, de proces­sione Spiritus sancti argumenta; De loco ignis purgatorii contra Thomam Aquinatem


Vol. VII: Callisti Angelicoudis seu Meleniciotae (PLP 145) Contra Thomae Aquinatis librum sub praetextu “Contra Gentiles” scriptum

Vol. VIII: Manuelis Calecae (PLP 10289) De principiis fidei catholicae

Vol. IX: Andreae Chrysobergae (PLP 31106) Apologia ad Bessarionem pro Thomae Aqui­natis scriptis de divina essentia et operatione


Vol. X: Marci Eugenici (PLP 6193) De resurrectione

Vol. XI: Georgii Scholarii (PLP 27304) Contra Plethonis ignorationem de Aristotele

Vol. XII: Georgii Scholarii - Gennadii II (PLP 27304) De divina providentia et praedestina­tione tractatus I–V

Vol. XIII: Ioannis Gatti Notata in librum secundum Georgii Trapezuntii “Comparationis Philosophorum” (= CCSG 94)

Vol. XIV: Refutatio Thomae Aquinatis Summae theologiae, IIa IIae, qu. 95, art. 5: “Utrum divinatio quae fit per astra sit illicita”

Vol. XV: Georgii Scholarii - Gennadii II (PLP 27304) De unica via salutis hominum

Vol. XVI: Johannis Plusiadeni (PLP 23385) Canon in sanctum Thomam Aquinatem

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