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Alfonso Buenhombre - Alfonsus Bonihominis, Opera omnia

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

In volume 295 of the Continuatio Mediaevalis Antoni Biosca i Bas presents the first ever critical edition of the opera omnia by the 14th century Hispanic Dominican, Alfonso Buenhombre.

The work of Alfonso Buenhombre, a 14th century Hispanic Dominican, includes one of the most widely read and copied texts of the Middle Ages, the Epistola Samuelis, an anti-Jewish counterfeit and a veritable medieval bestseller. The text has been copied and printed many times and has been translated into many languages. Buenhombre also wrote a similar work, the Disputatio Abutalib, in which Islam figured among the objectives of his intellectual attack against rival religions.

The enormous success of the Epistola Samuelis should not overshadow other works by Buenhombre, such as the Historia Ioseph, an extension of the biblical account of the adventures of Joseph and his brothers in Egypt, the Legenda Sancti Antonii, which includes eight legends about the holy hermit, and a brief treatise on traditional medicine called Tractatus contra malos medicos.

Alfonsus Bonihominis’ oeuvre is essential to our understanding of the religious and cultural concerns of the XIVth century in Europe.

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