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Clavis Clavium: Newsletter #2

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We have just uploaded a new version of the data to the Open Access search platform. This means that the data in the update platform and the OA search platform are now identical again. [For general info about the Clavis Clavium database, please go to]

What's new?

* We have put a lot of effort into the further integration of data coming from different Claves. For example, the vast majority of letters by and to Pope Leo I (CPL 1656) and Cyril of Alexandria (from CPG 5301 onwards) have been updated and integrated with the information found in the part on the Concilia in CPG IV. Similarly, with the exception of some problematic entries, texts mentioned both in the Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina and the Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca on the one hand, and in the different claves on the other, have now been merged. This integration is part of the ongoing effort to arrive at the situation where one text has one entry.

* Every letter in the Registrum epistularum by Pope Gregory I (CPL 1714) has received a separate entry. The same is true for, among others, the letters by and to Siricius (CPL 1637), Innocentius I (CPL 1641), Zosimus (CPL 1644), Bonifatius I (CPL 1648), Caelestius I (link), Sixtus seu Xystus III (CPL 1655), Simplicius (CPL 1664), Gelasius I (CPL 1667), and last but by no means least, the letters by and to Augustine (CPL 262). In the process, information provided by the Clavis Patristica Pseudepigraphorum Medii Aevi is added, if possible. The integration of Machielsen's clavis will continue in the future.

* We would like to draw attention to the contributions by Dr Gianmario Cattaneo, who updated the entry on the Epistula ad Diognetum (CPG 1112), the hagiographical dossier on Auxentius presbyter in Bithynia, the entries on Theodore of Mopsuestia's Contra Iulianum (CPG 3865) and Fragmenta in Lucam (CPG 3842) and the dossiers on John of Scythopolis and Severus of Antioch.

* We made some technical improvements to the interface of the OA search platform

* We have added links to the Library of Latin Texts. Subscribers to the Library of Latin Texts will be able to access the full text by clicking the links in the Clavis Clavium.

Update 09/09/2020: The great Codex Zacynthius project is now live ( and definitely worth a lengthy visit. This is not the place to go into the importance of this palimpsest codex, nor into the truly amazing possibilities for further research this website offers. However, it is nice to see the project offers links to our Clavis Clavium, as can be seen in the screenshot below:

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