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Clavis Clavium: Newsletter #5

We have uploaded a new version of the data to the Open Access search platform of Clavis Clavium. This means that the data in the update platform and in the OA search platform are identical again.

In this newsletter we present the following:

For general info about the Clavis Clavium database, please go to

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What’s new in OA search platform?

The changes and additions to the data are quite substantial. An overview…

* Clavis Patristica Pseudepigraphorum Medii Aevi (CPPM), volumes Ia & Ib: Opera homiletica

Machielsen’s Clavis Patristica Pseudepigraphorum Medii Aevi, or CPPM in short (see, is an invaluable source of information for the study of “Patristic and medieval forgeries, attributed during the middle ages to a Latin father, who it not its (their) real author; important medieval alterations of genuine patristic writings; the numerous erroneous attributions (intended or not) of patristic and medieval Latin texts, to a Latin father who is not its (their) real author”, as worded by Machielsen himself.

Unfortunately, due to the way it is structured, the CPPM frequently has to repeat the same text in different parts of the book, i.e. under each author a particular text is attributed to. As a result, it is sometimes hard to gather all the information available about a certain text and to link it to information in other claves, especially the Clavis Patrum Latinorum.

Following the principle of Clavis Clavium (one text – one entry), we have tried to do the work for you and have fully integrated the information presented by CPPM Ia and Ib into the information already available in Clavis Clavium. In other words, almost 1000 pages of data concerning pseudepigraphic opera homiletica have been added to the database and are now fully searchable. A very small number of particularly difficult entries remain on our to-do list, but they will be resolved in the next update.

* Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina (BHL)

Robert Godding, with the help of Federico Giulietti, has again introduced a large amount of bibliographic updates to the Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina.

Since the foregoing newsletter the following BHL numbers have been checked and, if necessary, updated:

BHL 20i; 71, 103, 103a-104; 317c; 351; 352; 417; 418-418c; 449a; 505zl, 505zm, 505zn, 505zo, 505zp; 519; 534d; 555c; 566b; 579d; 587-589d; 589f; 593b; 594a-b; 594d; 602h; 641c; 645c; 645d-e; 652d; 654k; 654lg; 674-676; 702; 703; 704; 717; 718; 721b; 721c; 722d; 725; 735; 736; 737; 787a; 796; 819; 820; 831; 832; 861; 903; 922a-925; 926-927; 928-929; 956-971g; 971t; 973; 973c; 974; 979; 979b; 980-982n; 983-984; 984; 990d; 996-996a; 997-997b; 1002; 1003v-1003z; 1004-1005; 1006-1007a; 1011d; 1011e; 1014d-1014e; 1023; 1046b; 1055-1056; 1057-1058; 1059-1060; 1062; 1101; 1101a; 1107-1108; 1112b; 1114-1115; 1116-1121; 1117-1117g; 1122b-1122e; 1123-1139; 1124; 1125b; 1126; 1127-1128; 1129; 1135; 1140-1142; 1143f-1143g; 1166; 1166f; 1192-1192a; 1192b; 1193; 1194; 1195; 1197; 1199; 1231b; 1246-1247; 1248-1248a; 1249-1250; 1251; 1251a; 1251ab; 1261; 1322-1322a; 1322b; 1331; 1332; 1340c-1345a; 1356-1357; 1359c; 1361; 1364; 1366; 1368; 1376-1376a; 1379-1380h; 1389; 1389a; 1389b; 1389c; 1392; 1392a; 1393b; 1393c; 1436; 1436-1440c; 1437; 1447-1448; 1448n; 1448p; 1455-1456b; 1460; 1461d; 1471; 1483; 1484; 1495-1496; 1496; 1501c; 1508; 1509; 1534; 1541; 1541b; 1541d; 1541e; 1541f; 1545; 1549; 1580; 1588-1601a; 1601; 1605b-1605d; 1605e-1605k; 1606d; 1606f; 1610-1613; 1617a; 1618b; 1618d-1618e; 1620; 1621; 1622a; 1629b; 1639-1639a; 1640a; 1640z; 1643; 1657-1658; 1659; 1660; 1661; 1663-1664; 1665; 1666; 1666a; 1666b; 1666c; 1666d; 1669-1672n; 1675; 1677; 1679b; 1679b-1679c; 1680-1700h; 1702; 1704b; 1729d; 1730; 1731; 1731c; 1731e; 1740-1742; 1746-1747; 1748-1757h; 1759; 1759d; 1778d; 1781; 1787-1787a; 1791; 1797b; 1814b; 1815; 1816; 1817; 1817b; 1817g-1817h; 1817m; 1817n; 1817o; 1817q; 1817r; 1817s; 1817t; 1817u; 1817v; 1817w; 1817x; 1819c; 1821f; 1848; 1867-1868; 1869-1871b; 1873-1875; 1881; 1882; 1882c; 1886; 1892-1895b; 1896-1896d; 1896m; 1899-1900; 1904; 1905; 1905c; 1919n; 1931d; 1931e; 1931f; 1936b; 1947; 1948; 1965; 1979; 1990c; 1991-1993; 2024; 2035; 2037-2040; 2039; 2047; 2047-2051a; 2048a; 2049a; 2050; 2051c; 2054d; 2072; 2073; 2076a; 2078; 2082e; 2089c; 2090; 2090a; 2097; 2107-2107b; 2111; 2112b; 2122-2122a; 2122b; 2126-2127; 2135b; 2145c; 2160-2161; 2162; 2163b; 2171-2171a; 2172; 2172-2176b; 2173; 2174; 2175; 2176; 2176c; 2178-2181; 2183; 2194-2197; 2196; 2204; 2205d; 2210-2211; 2212a-2212c; 2214-2215; 2217; 2217b; 2218b-2218d; 2218c; 2219; 2219d-2219f; 2220; 2225e; 2226-2226f; 2228-2228a; 2229; 2230; 2231d; 2235; 2236c; 2239; 2243z; 2248; 2250; 2254; 2268; 2276-2276a; 2289-2292d; 2294; 2295-2296; 2296b; 2296d; 2309; 2313-2314; 2315-2319c; 2321-2323e; 2324-2325e; 2326m; 2342; 2343; 2344-2345; 2346-2347; 2357b; 2382; 2385-2385a; 2394; 2395-2396; 2397; 2397a; 2400-2403; 2404b; 2405-2409; 2412d-2412e; 2421; 2423-2424b; 2425; 2429c; 2432; 2448; 2473d; 2488a-2488b; 2491d-2491e; 2492; 2493a-2493m; 2493d-2493h; 2493d-2493m; 2494; 2496-2505; 2506d; 2508b; 2509f; 2510a; 2519; 2530; 2569; 2572; 2573a; 2591-2591c; 2594; 2599; 2609; 2610; 2610c; 2611; 2635-2636; 2636d; 2636e; 2638; 2644ar; 2644as; 2646; 2647; 2655; 2658-2659c; 2659d; 2659e; 2659f; 2665; 2666-2668b; 2682; 2682b; 2684; 2708g; 2716e; 2722-2725e; 2750-2751; 2752b; 2752g; 2754; 2760-2760b; 2779b; 2780b-2780c; 2784; 2808; 2843-2844d; 2847-2848; 2849-2850; 2850c; 2860; 2868b-2868e; 2876b; 2927b; 2978a; 3062; 3085t; 3088c; 3093p; 3094, 3094b 3094d, 3094e, 3094f; 3096-3097; 3099-3100; 3100a-3100c; 3101-3102; 3105c-3106; 3107-3109; 3107-3110d; 3114-3117; 3123-3124; 3129-3133h; 3147; 3175-3175d; 3177c; 3177d-3177e; 3233a; 3247-3251d; 3251f; 3262x-3383f; 3393; 3394; 3492; 3596-3601; 3604b; 3620; 3621; 3647-3648; 3669; 3669b; 3677d-3678; 3678d; 3730; 3744-3744b; 3801y; 3807; 3808; 3809; 3822c; 3838; 3881; 3891; 3910-3911d; 3970c; 3970d; 3970e; 3971; 3979d; 4021; 4255b; 4270a; 4271; 4281c; 4320; 4321h; 4333; 4335; 4376b; 4397; 4398; 4398b; 4399; 4400; 4400b; 4401; 4402; 4403; 4404; 4404d; 4405; 4406; 4423; 4482; 4483; 4483b; 4488-4491; 4494; 4495; 4526; 4566-4567d; 4641m; 4641n-4641t; 4700-4706; 4707-4710; 4810; 4965; 4983; 5073; 5092; 5092b; 5092c; 5192-5194a; 5303-5305n; 5306b-5306c; 5308; 5312v-5313a; 5313az; 5313b; 5315; 5316; 5317; 5328-5329; 5329c; 5556; 5727; 5853; 5968; 6038m; 6050a; 6118-6125; 6130-6159; 6160-6176a; 6179-6199m; 6202-6204; 6205; 6207-6208; 6211b-6211c; 6212-6216; 6217-6221; 6221e-6221r; 6248; 6249; 6258; 6289-6290; 6365d; 6374; 6375-6376; 6468z; 6501-6502; 6510-6512r; 6512y; 6562-6564; 6565-6567; 6589; 6666; 6687b; 6693; 6799-6799a; 6800-6801; 7049; 7050; 7057-7059; 7059d; 7084; 7085; 7183-7184b; 7187; 7188-7189; 7189a; 7190; 7296; 7309; 7330-7333; 7334a; 7339-7340; 7341; 7345-7347; 7369; 7385; 7388; 7476g; 7490; 7495-7499b; 7500-7502; 7503-7505; 7507b-7507c; 7554-7556; 7557b; 7595-7596; 7693; 7694-7695; 7744; 7758; 7850-7856h; 7989f-7989g; 8001; 8077-8080b; 8078; 8225; 8282-8283; 8427c-8430; 8539; 8540; 8627-8636d; 8630-8633; 8704e-8704f; 8733; 8756; 8789-8790; 8855; 8889; 8919c; 8979; 8980; 9016; 9021x; 9022-9023; 9024; 9024d; 9025; 9025a; 9035; 9035n

The work to fully update the BHL in Clavis Clavium will continue! Keep an eye out for future updates.

* Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca (BHG)

Xavier Lequeux has kicked off a fundamental update and reorganisation of the Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca, introducing also the new NBHG numbering of the texts. In the present update of Clavis Clavium an update and/or reorganisation of the Greek hagiographic dossiers of all the saints whose name start with an α is presented to the scholarly community, in particular:

Abdas episcopus, Beniamin diaconus et socii martyres in Perside — Abdias propheta — Abercius episcopus Hierapolitanus — Abraham patriarcha — Abraham (Abramius) anachoreta et Maria eius neptis paenitens — Abrames (Abraames) episcopus Carrhis in Mesopotamia — Abramius episcopus Arbelae martyr — Abramius episcopus Crateae — Abudimus martyr Tenedi — Acacius monachus in Asia — Acacius centurio martyr Byzantii — Acacius Melitenus — Acacius (episcopus Melitensis) confessor — Acepsimas, Ioseph et Aeithalas martyres — Acepsimas eremita in Syria — Achilleus episcopus Larissae — Acidynus, Pegasius, Aphthonius, Elpidephorus et Anempodistus martyres in Perside — Adam et Eva primi parentes — Adrianus, Natalia et socii XXIII martyres Nicomediae — Adrianus martyr Nicomediae — Aecaterina virgo martyr Alexandriae — Aeithalas et Apsees martyres Arbelae in Persia — Aemilianus martyr Durostori in Moesia — Agape, Irene et Chione (Chionia) virgines martyres Thessalonicae — Agapetus episcopus Synai in Phrygia — Agapius martyr Caesareae — Agapius Syrus monachus — Agatha virgo martyr Catanae — Agathonicus et socii martyres in Bithynia et in Thracia — Aggaeus propheta — Agnes virgo martyr Romae — Agrippina virgo martyr Romana — Albianus monachus in deserto Nitriae — Alexander et Antonina martyres — Alexander fundator Acoemetorum Constantinopoli — Alexander Romanus martyr Driziparae in Thracia — Alexander presbyter Sidensis — Alexander martyr Thessalonicae — Alexius seu Homo Dei, Romae — Alphius, Zosimus, Alexander et Marcus martyres Calyti in Pisidia — Alphius, Philadelphus, Cyrinus et socii martyres Leontinis in Sicilia — Alypius stylite Adrianopoli in Paphlagonia — Ambrosius episcopus Mediolanensis — Amos propheta — Amphilochius episcopus Iconiensis — Amun (vel Amnun) monachus in Aegypto — Ananius apostolus martyr — Ananias presbyter et milites septem martyres in Phoenicia — Anargyri XX — Anastasia patricia — Anastasia vidua, Agape, Irene et Chione seu Chionia virgines martyres Romae — Anastasia virgo martyr Romae — Anastasius Persa martyr Betsaloae — Anastasius Sinaita — Anatolius episcopus Constantinopolitanus — Andreas et Matthias apostoli — Andreas apostolus — Andreas Chiensis neomartyr Constantinopolitanus (vel Alexandriae?) — Andreas stratelates et socii martyres in Cilicia — Andreas in Crisi, monachus Cretensis, martyr Constantinopoli — Andreas monachus Hierosolymitanus, episcopus Cretensis — Andreas iunior martyr Hierosolymis — Andreas salus seu stultus Constantinopoli — Andronicus et Athanasia coniuges monachi in Aegypto — Angeli — Aninas anachoreta in Euphratesia — Anna mater Beatae Virginis Mariae — Anna iunior monialis dicta Euphemianus — Anna monialis martyr Hierosolymis — Anna Larissensis eiusque filius Iohannes — Anna mater Samuelis prophetae — Anonymus iuvenis Alexandrinus martyr — Anthimus archiepiscopus Atheniensis, dein Cretensis, confessor — Anthimus Nicomediensis — Anthusa fundatrix monasterii Mantinaeensis — Anthusa martyr Tarsi in Cilicia — Antiochus martyr (cum Curiaco) in Galatia — Antipas episcopus martyr Pergami — Antonius iunior asceta Berrhoeae in Macedonia — Antonius iunior anachoreta in Bithynia et Constantinopoli — Antonius Cauleas patriarcha Constantinopolitanus — Antonius Esphigmenita, conditor monasterii Kiovensis — Antonius Magnus abbas in Thebaide — Antonius, Iohannes et Eustathius Russi neomartyres Vilniae — Anysia virgo martyr Thessalonicae — Aphraates anachoreta in Syria — Apocalypsis Enoch — Apocalypsis Methodii — Apollinaria (quae et Dorotheus) virgo inclusa in Sceti — Apollinaris patriarcha Alexandriae — Apollinaris episcopus Ravennas martyr — Apollonius (an idem Apollos apostolus qui et Sacceas?) martyr Romae — Apollo seu Apollos monachus in Thebaide — Apostoli et discipuli Domini — Apphianus et Aedesius martyres Caesareae — Aquilas apostolus — Aquilina virgo martyr Bybli in Phoenicia — Arcadius episcopus Arsinoae in Cypro — Archippus apostolus, Philemon et Apphia martyres — Arethas et socii martyres Nagranae apud Homeritas in Arabia — Ariadne martyr Prymnessi in Phrygia — Aristarchus, Pudens et Trophimus apostoli — Arsenius Autoreianus patr. CP — Arsenius episcopus Corcyrae — Arsenius monachus Latrensis prope Miletum — Arsenius Anachoreta — Artemius martyr Antiochiae in Syria — Artemon presbyter Laodiciae in Phrygia thaumaturgus (martyr) — Artemon Pauli discipulus episcopus Seleuciae in Pisidia — Asclepius anachoreta in Syria — Aseneth filia Pentephri, uxor Ioseph patriarchae — Athanasia hegumena in Aegina insula — Athanasius episcopus martyr — Athanasius Alexandrinus — Athanasius Athonita — Athanasius episcopus Atramyttenus — Athanasius martyr in Clysmate — Athanasius patriarcha Constantinopolitanus — Athanasius conditor monasterii Transfigurationis in Meteoro — Athanasius episcopus Methonensis in Peloponneso — Athanasius monachus Traianensis thaumaturgus — Athanasius episcopus Trapezuntis — Athenodorus martyr in Syria — Athenogenes episcopus Pedachthoae martyr — Autonomus (episcopus) martyr in Bithynia — Auxentius presbyter in Bithynia — Auxentius thaumaturgus in Cypro — Auxibius episcopus Soliorum in Cypro — Azes asceta martyr

Work on further dossiers is steadily progressing and will be part of future updates.

* Clavis Patrum Graecorum (CPG)

a. Catenae

Hugh Houghton continues his work on the Catenae in Novum Testamentum. Changes and updates were made to the following catenae – some numbers are also new:

CPG C137.11 — C147.3 — C112.1 — C112.2 — C112.5 — C112.6 — C114 — C115 — C116 — C147.5

The Catenae in Actus Apostolorum are updated by Hugh Houghton on the basis of the recent study by E. Scieri (The Catena Manuscripts on Acts: A Revised Classification, in Vigiliae Christianae, 76 [2022], p. 281-305). See

CPG C150 — C150.1a — C150.1b — C150.2a — C150.2b — C150.2c — C150.2d — C150.2e — C150.2f — C151 — C151.1a — C151.1b — C151.2 — C151.3a — C151.3b — C151.3c — C151.3d — C152 — C152.1a — C152.1b — C152.1c — C152.2 — C155.4 — C155.5 — C155.6

Finally, the Catenae in Lucam have been thoroughly reorganized on the basis of research conducted by Andrew Patton. See

CPG C130 — C130.1 — C130.2 — C130.3 — C130.4 — C131 — C131Z — C132 — C133 — C133.1 — C133.2 — C134 — C135

b. Saeculum quartum, Patres postnicaeni Scriptores Alexandrini et Aegypti

We have started with the introduction of the latest volume of the Clavis Patrum Graecorum, vol. 2/1bis, published by Jacques Noret in the beginning of this year. So far, we have introduced the data concerning:

Alexander Alexandrinus, Arius, Eusebius Nicomediensis, Athanasius Anazarbenus, Paulinus Tyrius, Theognius Nicaenus, Iulianus Arianus, the Anonymi varii Ariani, and Athanasius Alexandrinus (up to and including CPG 2127).

Extra material will be added in the following months.

* Leo the Great’s letters

The exemplary study by Matthew Hoskin of the manuscript tradition of Leo the Great’s letters (CPL 1656), and especially chapter 7 (M. Hoskin, The Manuscripts of Leo the Great's Letters. The Transmission and Reception of Papal Documents in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages [Instrumenta Patristica et Mediaevalia, 83], Turnhout, 2022 [see]), provided an excellent opportunity to update and complete the entries on that important corpus of letters. Now every letter has its own entry, specifying incipit, editions, date and contents, which is a significant improvement compared to the summary information provided by the CPL.

* Various contributions

Check and update of

a. De ordine creaturarum (CPL 1189) on the basis of M. Smyth, The Liber de ordine creaturarum (Brepols Library of Christian Sources, 5), Turnhout, 2023

b. Augustinus’ Sermones 361-362 (CPL 284.361 and CPL 284.362) on the basis of F. Dolbeau, Les sermons d'Augustin 361 et 362 sur la résurrection des morts, in Revue d'études augustiniennes et patristiques, 66 (2020), p. 213-292

c. Augustinus’ Sermo 291 (CPL 284.291) on the basis of G. Partoens – N. De Maeyer, Augustine's Sermo 291 for the Natale of John the Baptist. Content Analysis, Transmission Study, and New Critical Edition, in Revue d'études augustiniennes et patristiques, 68 (2022), p. 331-367

d. Passio metrica de martyrio Machabaeorum (CPL 1428) on the basis of M. Schwoerer, Chanter les frères Maccabées au Ve siècle: recherche sur les enjeux du Carmen de martyrio Maccabaeorum (CPL 1428), in Revue d'études augustiniennes et patristiques, 68 (2022), p. 101-136

Peter Martens provided a major update and reorganisation of Hadrianus’ Isagoge in sacras scripturas (CPG 6527).

Andras Kraft provided major updates of the Oraculum prophetae Danielis de Byzantio (BHG 1875a) and of the Vaticinium de restitutione Constantinopoleos (BHG 1875b) on the basis of his research into medieval Greek apocalyptic sources.

* Links to other databases

We are progressively adding more and more links to other databases:

Library of Latin Texts (LLT) — World’s leading database for Latin texts, offering texts from the beginnings of Latin literature down to the present day. The texts which are incorporated are selected from the best editions available and established according to best contemporary scholarly practice

Sources Chrétiennes Online (SCO) — A searchable database of the critical texts and French translations published in the printed “Sources Chrétiennes”.

Pinakes — recensement de tous les textes grecs, des origines à la fin du XVIe siècle, contenus dans les manuscrits décrits dans les catalogues imprimés de bibliothèques à l’exception des papyrus.

Agape — an open-access database which aims to map the reception of the Greek Church Fathers in print throughout early modern Europe.

Patristic Text Archive (PTA) — an Open Access text database offering a collection of texts and translations of Christian texts from antiquity.

We are working hard to keep these links live and up to date and to add links to more databases in the future.

How to contribute?

Clavis Clavium can only exist and thrive with the help and input from the scholarly community. Your contributions are therefore highly appreciated, not only by us, but by the scholarly community in general. There are different ways to contribute:

Regular contributions

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to explain you how everything works.

One-time contributions

Did you publish a peer-reviewed edition, translation or study of a text and do you have something to add to the existing entry in Clavis Clavium? Write down how you think the entry should look in a wordfile and email it to us. Please make it look like a ClaCla-entry with the information ordered in categories like Editiones, Traditio textus, Genuinitas,… We will peer review the data, enter the data for you and under your name and will send you a publish report so that you can claim your work.

Quick submit

Did you notice a small mistake or a hiatus in the data? Send us an email or go to “Quick submit” on the home page of Clavis Clavium. These notifications will get you gratitude, but no publish report.

All enquiries about Clavis Clavium and how to contribute can be directed to Bram Roosen.

Get the browser extension

To access Clavis Clavium directly from your browser (Chrome or Edge) you can install the browser extension. You can read all about it here.

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