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Clavis Clavium: Newsletter #3

We have uploaded a new version of the data to the Open Access search platform. This means that the data in the update platform and the OA search platform are now identical again. [For general info about the Clavis Clavium database, please go to]

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What's new?

* Councils: the vast majority of the data presented by Jacques Noret in the second edition of CPG IV (2018) have been introduced into the Clavis Clavium and are now freely available. This also means that all the letters that are part of the Council acts, like those by and to Pope Leo I (CPL 1656) or those by and to Pope Hormisdas (CPL 1683), have received an update and/or can now be found in the Clavis Clavium. New in CPG IV² and now in the Clavis Clavium are the inconoclastic council of Hiereia (a. 754) and the Concilium oecumenicum Nicaenum II (a. 787).

* Hagiographica: Robert Godding and Xavier Lequeux of the Société des Bollandistes have started the process of updating the Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina and the Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca directly in the Clavis Clavium.

* Ioca monachorum: Prof. Charles D. Wright deserves special credit. He turned his attention to a rather small entry in the CPL, viz the Ioca monachorum (CPL 1155f), and reworked it into a delightfully detailed overview of all known recensions with up-to-date bibliography. This contribution will be the place to start for new research.

* Catenae: Prof. Hugh Houghton has started with the update of the Catenae in Novum Testamentum. The basis for this is the information provided by Jacques Noret in CPG IV², but updated and corrected on the basis of Prof. Houghton’s own research. New additions are CPG C116.4, C119.1, C137.7, C137.8, C137.9 & C169.1. More updates and additions are planned in the following months.

* Greek Apocalyptic Sources: András Kraft has started with the gradual introduction of the relevant data from his article An Inventory of Medieval Greek Apocalyptic Sources (c. 500-1500 AD): Naming and dating, editions and manuscripts, which appeared in Millenium, 15, 1 (2018). For the first results, we invite you to consult the entry on the Ultima Visio Danielis (CAVT 255).

* Athanasius of Alexandria: Annette von Stockhausen kindly introduced some much-needed bibliographic updates to a large number of writings by or related to Athanasius of Alexandria.

* As always we made some technical improvements to the interface of the OA search platform.

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