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New leadership of the Academic Board of Corpus Christianorum

Rita Beyers’ term as director of the Latin series of Corpus Christianorum came to an end at the beginning of February 2022. She decided that, after three (!) terms as director, she would not seek re-election. However, we are very thankful that Rita has agreed to continue working for the series as a member of both the CC SL and CC CM Boards.

During its latest meeting, on 4 February 2022, the Academic Board of Corpus Christianorum elected Gert Partoens (KU Leuven) as its new director. Professor Partoens had been serving as vice-director thus far and is well-known for his acclaimed editions and studies of the textual tradition of Augustine, Bede and Florus:

Gert Partoens, in turn, proposed Guy Guldentops (Thomas-Institut, University of Cologne) as vice-director. Dr Guldentops, who specialises in the study and critical edition of medieval philosophical texts, was duly elected, and installed in this position on 1 March 2022.

Upon his election Gert Partoens thanked the Board, in general, for its confidence and Rita Beyers, in particular, for her dedication and expertise, which he would try to emulate. He has known the members of the editorial board for a long time and is convinced that his collaboration with them will be excellent, as it always has been the case under his predecessors’ mandates.

We wish Gert Partoens and Guy Guldentops all the best in their new position at the head of the Academic Board of the Corpus Christianorum.

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