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Thomas Aquinas in Byzantium

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Thomas de Aquino Byzantinus is the name of a new subseries of the Series Graeca of the Corpus Christianorum, which will open up a largely unexplored area, viz. the influence of the writings of Thomas Aquinas (1225-74) on Byzantine intellectual circles, both Latinophile and Orthodox. The project aims to contribute to the scholarly discussion by producing the source material for the study of this important subject, namely critical editions of Greek translations of, and commentaries on, various works by Thomas Aquinas composed by Byzantine scholars and theologians between the late thirteenth and fifteenth centuries.

The first volume in this exciting new subseries will contain Giovanni Gatti's Notata, seu Tractatus qui erat fons Libri III Operis Bessarionis In Calumniatorem Platonis adversus Georgium Trapezuntium (ed. John Monfasani).

For more information, see the dedicated web page.

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