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Academic Board of Corpus Christianorum

Then and now

The establishment of an Academic Board to oversee the development of the Latin series in Corpus Christianorum and to help safeguard and improve the standards of the various publications was the initiative of the founder of Corpus Christianorum, Dom Eligius Dekkers osb.
In establishing such an Academic Board Dom Dekkers, with foresight, ensured the continuity of his brainchild. He died in 1998 at the age of 83.

From its foundation in 1997 until 2005, the CC Academic Board was led by Fernand Bossier. After his death in January 2006 Rita Beyers became the new director. In 2022 Gert Partoens was elected as her successor.

The Academic Board coordinates the five Editorial Boards that bear the scientific responsibility for the following publication projects within Corpus Christianorum: the series of critical editions of patristic Latin texts (CCSL), the series of critical editions of medieval Latin texts (CCCM), the series containing ‘claves’ and reference works (CC – Claves), the journal Sacris Erudiri, and the CTLO databases.

Scholars preparing a critical edition for the Series Latina or the Continuatio Mediaevalis should consult the “Guidelines for Publications in Corpus Christianorum”. These guidelines, available in five languages from the CCSL and CCCM pages, offer specific advice on a range of problems that they may encounter while preparing their edition, and offer guidance to editors during the production of publications.

The Board

Gert Partoens

Guy Guldentops

Board Members:
Alexander Andrée, Rita Beyers, Emanuela Colombi, Georges Declercq, Jeroen Deploige, Paul-Augustin Deproost, Greti Dinkova-Bruun, Anthony Dupont, Jacques Elfassi, Hugh Houghton, Mathijs Lamberigts, Johan Leemans, Paul Mattei, Marco Petoletti, Dominique Poirel, Kees Schepers, Paul Tombeur, Toon Van Hal, Marc Van Uytfanghe, Wim Verbaal

Honorary Members:
Luc De Coninck, Albert Derolez, Willy Evenepoel, Jean Goossens

Academic Assistant:
Christine Vande Veire

Publishing Managers:
Tim Denecker, Bart Janssens, Julian Yolles


Contact Address:
Corpus Christianorum is housed at the Corpus Christianorum - Library & Knowledge Center

Corpus Christianorum
Begijnhof 39
B-2300 Turnhout
+32 (0)14 71 10 50
Fax +32 (0)14 71 10 59

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